E-ulogy Photo Tributes

E-ulogy photo tributes

Celebrating Life

 A photo tribute is a slideshow of photos (often including music) which add another dimension of storytelling during a funeral or any celebration of life. Photo tributes can, therefore, help to illustrate the stories told throughout the service and, furthermore, really paint the picture of your loved one during this time of remembrance.

While many families choose to make photo tributes themselves, it can be time consuming. It’s also not uncommon for there to be technical issues on the day. E-ulogy has over 12 years of experience with creating and delivering a quality product, allowing you to cross one more thing off your list at this stressful time.

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E-ulogy staff are so helpful and do amazing slideshows for families at very reasonable pricing. They are also very good at liaising with clients and making sure music and slideshows are ready for service. An excellent helpful team!

Souly Funerals

Meaningful photo tributes

If you would like to organise an E-ulogy Photo Tribute, talk to your funeral director (if for a funeral) or contact us directly. We recommend choosing between 40-80 good quality images (not too blurry or pixelated) and 1 to 2 songs that were a favourite of your loved one or that you feel will add extra meaning to the service. 

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Memorial Tributes

Once you have decided on the photos and music you would like used to create your memorial tribute, we’ll take it from there. We can work with images in most formats including PDF, jpegs, tiff files and of course hard copies.

If our personalised E-ulogy photo tribute is for a funeral it will always be tested at the funeral location before the service. Therefore, this gives you peace of mind that it will work and allows you to focus on celebrating the life of your loved one.

Farewelling your loved one is always difficult, especially when it is not possible for all family and friends to attend a service.

We offer photo tributes to help keep your memories precious.

The above prices are based on all images being provided in a digital format and online delivery of the completed photo tribute (via Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or similar). If you are unable to scan your own photographs, please contact us to discuss the options available.

Creating the perfect photo tribute 

Contact us by phone or email to discuss your photo tribute. In addition, we’re happy to meet wherever is most convenient for you, or work with your funeral director, if required. Whatever is easiest for you.

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