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Introducing Our Ceramic Plaques 

Full Colour Photographic Ceramic Memorials

Ceramic Memorial Plaques from E-ulogy

Tell your loved one’s story on a vivid Ceramic Memorial Plaque or Pet Memorial Plaque from E-ulogy Limited.
Since ancient times we have sought to create places to remember those that we have lost, from carved stone grave markers, through to ornate towering angels and yesterday’s granite headstones. Therefore, our Ceramic Memorial Plaques are a natural progression in our quest to celebrate the lives of those dearest to us.
Tradition enhanced by modern technology enables us to share our loved ones essence for eternity on strong and durable industrial porcelain and in the location of your choice. In addition to capturing what they looked like, we capture who they were. Their mountain, their river, their tartan, their football club, or anything else that represents them. All of these can be brought together on one of our full colour photographic plaques.
Our Ceramic Memorial Plaque is a custom created memorial crafted in permanent porcelain. Almost any digital image that can be imagined and designed can be turned into an everlasting memorial. We use the latest digital print technology and colour fast ceramic pigments fired at over 900°C to create full colour photographic images that will never alter over time. The high gloss surface of our Ceramic plaque is made to be resistant to scratches and general abrasion. Its smooth surface enables dirt and debris to simply wash off in the rain. The base material (vitrified industrial porcelain) combined with our tightly controlled manufacturing processes, enable us to confidently offer you a life time warranty.

In conclusion, if you can visualise it, we can create it for you.

Non Fading

Our Ceramic Plaques are a combination of the latest digital print technology that enables the printing of colourfast ceramic pigments that are fired at 900°C to lock in the full colour photographic images that will never alter over time.

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Self Cleaning

The high gloss surface of Our Ceramic Plaque is similar to toughened glass so as well as being very resistant to scratches and general abrasion its’ smooth surface enables debris and dirt to simply wash off during rain.

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Lifetime Warranty

The base material (vitrified industrial porcelain) coupled with the tightly controlled manufacturing process enables us to be confident to offer a lifetime warranty. You can buy in the knowledge that Our Ceramic Plaque is supported by extensive independent scientific testing.

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NZ Made

Our Ceramic Plaques are a fully photographic, full colour, non-fading memorial. Our Ceramic Plaque memorials are produced integrating a full design service, providing a digital mock-up of the memorial incorporating the unique wishes of the client.

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